Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Final Mission in this adventure...

Hello, this is my last challenge in the subject ICTCLIL in my master. In this new adventure I need to create a presentation of all the things that I learned during this four month. You can see the video, if you want to know all the challenges that I need to pass in this subject.

I have been able to learn many different things about ICT, besides I can work whit others classmate and I can work alone. I discovered an amazing tool that I can use in the class, Genially, Prezi, Powtoon, iMovie, Piktochat, Storify…. In addition, when I worked in group (Ruben, Ana, Laura,Xuemei, Gabriela) I could learn new things and how to use these tools faster, they help me a lot and we work together all the time.

In my opinion, my favorite tool is iMovie, with this resource you can create a little presentation within a short time. You have the possibility to choose a template and you only need to put picture and fill the gaps with the information and you have a presentation in 5 minute. 

Also, to my mind, I think that Powtoon is one of the most amazing tools for learners; it is very attractive because students watch cartoons with movement, and pictures with music.

This challenge give me a good opportunity to think about the world of the ICT in education has to become more usable in class. The learners need to use the ICT in class and interact with the new technology. It is necessary to adapt to the new times, for this reasons, teachers need to renew their ICT skills and change their thinking.

What do you think? Do you think that ICT in school is the future?...

Friday, 29 April 2016

Creating a rubric for my E-project

In this new challenge, I created a rubric to evaluate my E-project.
First of all, I thought about how to divide the different concepts that you can evaluate an E-project. There are many a lot of possibilities but I decided to choose these concepts:
    - Organization
    - English grammar
    - Originality
    - Dissemination/Accessibility
    - Content
Then, I though how I can divide the mark and also, what are the assessment criteria that I need to use. While I was creating the rubric, I thought that it was very essay to establish the rubric but at the end, I regretted that a teacher need a lot of time to create the rubric and think about what it is excellent and what it is poor.

Finally, I decided to create an account in Genially because I have never used it. I thought that it was a good idea to contact with this tool for my future. This type of tool is easy to create a presentation for the students and also you can find many different tutorials in YouTube. You can put pictures, videos and many different resources.

Here you can see my rubric to assess an E-project.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

New adventure...World Book

In this challenge I work alone, but no problem. Once completed the task before, in this new mission, I need to explain what type of reader am I and which my favorite book and why I recommend it. Also I need to collect the information and record a brief video with Aurasma.

First of all, I explain what type of readers am I.  I liked much different type of books but if I tell the true I prefer an adventure or legends book, you can read a very interesting plot and, in many cases, you don’t know what and where the stories happen. You need to use your imagination to create a mental-story; you learn things about different ways of thinking and also you learn new concept about countries.
Then, I choose my favorite book that in this case I select “Irish Legends”, Why this book? Because when I was 21 years old I travel to Ireland and it is my first book that I bought in other country. I remembered that when I started to read I thought that in Ireland there aren’t a lot of legends about it but when I finish I couldn’t image how many tales and legends there are. For this reason I think that this book is so interesting and you can learn many aspects about why the Irish people have a lot of local custom.

Next, I create a Piktochart , about my favorite book to use varying pictures, and  contribute to the Open CLIL board, “ A wall of books. Where, you can find the rest of my classmate to upload their collage and their books.

Finally, I create a little video about my favorite book whit Aurasma. It is very easy to use this program, only need to download in you mobile phone. You create an account and you can use.
 Here I put a video that you can learn how to create an Aurasma and how to use it.  My classmate Alvaro, Neus, Marta, Mara, Paula create this amazing video.

Also you can follow me in Aurasma: Salvador1987lop

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Creating a collaborative slideshow

In this task that it is related to "A new experience recording a Video"
I work with my group (Laura, Ana, Xuemei, Ruben and Gabriela), we created a slideshow in order to teach our students how to create a comic with a specific tool called Pixton.
We chose Google Slides to explain our students in a brief, clear and easy way how to use Pixton. We created a slide show with the entire main and the different steps that students must to do to create properly comic. 

The structure of the slideshow follows the correct order of the different steps, for example: at the beginning, students need to create a new account and then the rest of the slides explain how you can create a comic.
Google Slides is an easy tool, you can create your slide very quickly and you can put many different pictures, shapes, letters, lines… Also, you can organice 

Moreover, with Google Slides, students can understand in a property way how to create a comic and also they can use this tool to create their own task.

A new experience recording a Video

In this task also I work with my group (Laura, Ana, Xuemei, Ruben y Gabriela). we create a Video Planning to how to make a comic. As our Project is about History, we decided to link the comic with this topic. To make our Video, we used Storyboard , which is a very useful and simple tool to create a comic. With this tool you can develop your ideas and create completely different stories with a big mount of free resources; you can find different types of landscapes, characters and accessories.Also, creating and decorating the sketches and the characters was easy to do, as well as sequencing the images, writing the bubbles and organizing the story.

We decided to organize the most important things to record the Video, and this is the result. 

After planning our Video with the corresponding story board, we decided to use a croma key to add some after affects to our video, as for changing the background to pretend different time in History. We use varying clothes and costumes. 
Recording was easy and use the camera in a property way. Then we used AdobePrimiercc to create de Video, a professional video editor and this means difficult to use. We had many problem to create the video because the light in the video recorded was not uniform so we can create the video. Then, we found a solution in order to not recording again. Finally we used iMovie to add music and some effects with music.

When we finished this task, I decided to create a short video about the making off to do this challenge, because I work very comfortable and the environment was really good.This is the result: What do you think? Do you like it?

A little story about My Chocotalk

This story began in the Rey Juan Carlos University. One day the teacher of the class thought that it is a good an idea for my students to create a Chocotalk and then she decided to ask their students. All the students said, YES!!!!. She explains the entire task that they need to do. 

At the beginning, the students thought about how to divide the roles, they choose one coordinator-moderator (Laura), two content curators (Me and Xuemei), two disseminator (Ana and Gabriela) and one speaker (Ruben). Then, this group tried to prepare the information and the task that they could do, all the arguments about the Chocotalk and all their point of views.
Two days before two disseminator had started to tweet with pictures and tweets…
The day of the Chocotalk, everybody was ready. And the YouTube channel opened with all the speakers members in the scream. The disseminator started to tweet that the Chocotalk began, and also the moderator (Laura) give opportunities that everybody spoke about the varying topic.

During the Chocotalk, the disseminators (Me and Xuemei) tried to give feedback about the conversation of their classmate, they tried to put question and information that their classmate said about CLIL.

The Disseminator heard all information about the CLIL and all projects that their classmate presented in this Chocotalk. He felt very nervous because people spoke very fast and they changed the topic very quickly. He tried to put all the information and the question that appear in the talk. At the same time he spoke with the rest of their group by WhatsApp, in this way they communicated as more revelation appear about the information. The conversation finished, but now you can watch the Chocotalk, here:

Also the content curators (Ana and Gabriela) worked very hard to create a very good storyboard you can see here:

Creating a InfoEduGraphic

This is the first time that I work in group to create an infographic. An infographic is a visual representation of information about something. In this case is about e-project. Ruben, Xuemei, Gabriela, Ana and Laura are part of my team. We work together in a very good way.

At the beginning, we had a brainstorm about how to create this infographic. We use a piece of paper to draw how to create it. Then, some of them look for the different picture while others thinking about the information that will put in the infographic.
If somebody needs something because he&she doesn't know it, all the group help her&him. We started this challenge to organize the roles and to give opinion about how to create a infographic.

These roles are:
-          Speaker: Ruben
-          Disseminators: Salvador and Xuemei
-          Content Curator: Gabriela and Ana
-          Coordinator: Laura

 Then, we decided to choose a Pictochart to create our InfoEduGraphic and we think about the topic to how create it. Pictochart is a very good tool to create more than a infographic materials, it is very easy to use it and you can find many different pictures, shapes and a big variety type of letters.

 Finally, we look for different imagine about Mario Bros videogame because we thought that it was a good idea to choose this atmosphere for the students and we create this amazing infographic.