Sunday, 17 April 2016

A new experience recording a Video

In this task also I work with my group (Laura, Ana, Xuemei, Ruben y Gabriela). we create a Video Planning to how to make a comic. As our Project is about History, we decided to link the comic with this topic. To make our Video, we used Storyboard , which is a very useful and simple tool to create a comic. With this tool you can develop your ideas and create completely different stories with a big mount of free resources; you can find different types of landscapes, characters and accessories.Also, creating and decorating the sketches and the characters was easy to do, as well as sequencing the images, writing the bubbles and organizing the story.

We decided to organize the most important things to record the Video, and this is the result. 

After planning our Video with the corresponding story board, we decided to use a croma key to add some after affects to our video, as for changing the background to pretend different time in History. We use varying clothes and costumes. 
Recording was easy and use the camera in a property way. Then we used AdobePrimiercc to create de Video, a professional video editor and this means difficult to use. We had many problem to create the video because the light in the video recorded was not uniform so we can create the video. Then, we found a solution in order to not recording again. Finally we used iMovie to add music and some effects with music.

When we finished this task, I decided to create a short video about the making off to do this challenge, because I work very comfortable and the environment was really good.This is the result: What do you think? Do you like it?

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