Sunday, 17 April 2016

Creating a collaborative slideshow

In this task that it is related to "A new experience recording a Video"
I work with my group (Laura, Ana, Xuemei, Ruben and Gabriela), we created a slideshow in order to teach our students how to create a comic with a specific tool called Pixton.
We chose Google Slides to explain our students in a brief, clear and easy way how to use Pixton. We created a slide show with the entire main and the different steps that students must to do to create properly comic. 

The structure of the slideshow follows the correct order of the different steps, for example: at the beginning, students need to create a new account and then the rest of the slides explain how you can create a comic.
Google Slides is an easy tool, you can create your slide very quickly and you can put many different pictures, shapes, letters, lines… Also, you can organice 

Moreover, with Google Slides, students can understand in a property way how to create a comic and also they can use this tool to create their own task.

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