Sunday, 28 February 2016

Creative Commons Licence for My ePortfolio

This is the license that I have chosen for my e-Portfolio:

 What does your license allow others to do with you CLIL e-materials?
I decided to chose this license because allow sharing your materials, copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, also you can adpat the materials, remix and transform them. Furthermore you may not use the material for commercial purpose and if you build open the material; you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. Besides there are no additional restrictions, you might not apply legal terms or technological measures.

What are good ways to motivate our students to use Creative Commons material and attribute properly?

the students need to have aware about the importance of protect their projects to using Creative Commons and when they create things and they use material from other people, they have to know that they cannot use that they want, with this motivation activities, students should learn the importance when they select information or they copy other authors.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Learning by Twittering

Hello, my knowledge about Twitter is quite short. I have just created my account a few weeks ago. Currently, I need to use these social network everyday. At the beginning I felt lost because I don´t know how to use it. But I can use this tool to learn many things about Education and their things. Step by step I can understand better some aspect that before I couldn´t do it.

By Twitter you can keep in touch with teachers, conferences, programs and new methodology relates to Education. In my opinion with this new resource you can develop other skills with children in your class. Also you can connect with other blogs and webpage.

In the master that I am doing, I start to learn new things about CLIL thanks to the tweet that my classmate have uploaded.

For example this is my Twitter about definition in CLIL:



My name is Salvador López López and actually I am doing the Bilingual Master in Primary Education.
I am a Physical Education teacher in Primary Education (2010-2014), also I am a Pre-primary education teacher (2014-2015).
Nowadays, I teach horse riding in a horseback center in “Arganda del Rey”, this year is my eighth to instruct in this center, and I love to teach them many things to use a lot of tools (with games, exercises and comprehension activities when they are doing a specific).
I decided to take this master about biligualism  because I think that teachers need to recycle their knowledge and use new methodology (for example: in CLIL) , if they want to be a good teacher. I want to learn many things about CLIL and deep in the world of CLIL´s methodology.
You can contact to me:

Twitter handle @Salvador1987lop

Sunday, 21 February 2016

PLN and PLE for CLIL

My PLN and PLE for CLIL:

I decided to choose “Popplet”, because it is a very useful and easy webtools, where you can make a diagram and also you can put video, picture and internet site.  This web is an amazing tool where your student can build nice maps without making a big effort. 

3,2,1 Introduction

This is my 3,2,1 Introduction 

Here is the link to watch my video,

I hope you like it!