Sunday, 20 March 2016

Reflection about task 2. Evaluate and prototype a CLIL e-project

During this 2 task I can develop many different skills. At the beginning, I need to choose one e-project to evaluate and create a rubric. Then I find a very good tool to create a presentation.
This tools is:

With this webpage you can register and is a free tool where you create a completely different slide. I decide to use this program, because I think that if you don’t have idea about how to create a presentation in YouTube you can find many tutorials. After use, you create a slide very fast and you can have a very good presentation in a short period of time.

Furthermore, in the second task where I create my own project, fist of all I thought what topic I chose to create an e-project. Then, I decided that the prehistory is a good topic and you can connect this with other subject and contents. With the table that Maria Jesus gives us only I need to fill with the most important aspect about the project and then I started to find a good tool to create a video.  In my opinion this part was the most difficult, because I don’t know a lot about how to create a video. Later, I chose one of them but when I was creating the video, I thought that it was not good idea; it was so difficult for me. But I saw other videos that my classmate was create with other tools and I saw a video with iMove next I thought that I liked it and I pay to download the app, and then I started to create de video.
The tool that I created my video is:

With this video I try to create an overview about the e-project, this e-project considers the previous knowledge to watch a video in English about the prehistoric human. Then students go the excursion where they use their mobiles, tablets, cameras… Then they create a digital newsletter where they put all the things that they learnt in the excursion.

Also, with this task I can create a video and think about how students learn more about one topic, for this reason with this activity I can learn that the best way it is use realia with students because they need to use their five sense when they learn new contents .

Saturday, 19 March 2016

CLIL eProject Prototype

Hello everybody,
I finish my CLIL e-project, this project is about Prehistory. I decided to choose this topic because I think that it is a good idea to start the history of the human to do an excursion with students where they can do many different activities. With this project, students develop many skills and work in groups. They need to distribute tasks if they want to create a good digital newsletter.
Here you have the e-project outline if you want to know more about this:

At the beginning, I looked all the tools that I can use to create a video clip about sour e-project. I chose one of them, but when I was trying to create a video, I thought that it is so difficult for me because I saw many tutorials about it and you need to understand how to create a video. Then, I decided to download a new tools iMove. I think that it is a expensive app but very good and easy to create a video. Also, you can upload the video in YouTube and you can put your own videos and audios. There are many tutorial about how to use it
Here you can see my video clip about my e-project:

Evaluating CLIL eprojects

 My CLIL e-project that I chose to evaluate it is:

At the beginning, I could see many e-project and then I decided to choose one topic that I like it. For this reason, I choose the “a sport journalist”, T think that in this e-project use a previous knowledge in their task to help the students to do the activities. Every task has their rubric and students know the percentage. Students use many tools and they learn how to use it. This is the best way that students can create their own materials. In addition, students have a diary that they need to put the things that they learn about the topic. Besides, the structure of the task in the e-project is so easy to follow for the pupils. All the groups of activities develop all the skills (listening, writing, speaking and reading).
Then I decided to use Prezi to create my presentation, I need to see many tutorials about how to use it, but I think that this tool is very visual and creative, because you can approach in the different pictures and also, you can include: videos, picture, links and picture with diverse shapes.

You can find my evaluation of the e-project here:

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Contribution in Bank of Common Knowledge for CLIL e-projects (Open CLIL)

Pinterest is a good resource; with this webpage you can connect your knowledge and the new idea to teach some concept. When a teacher think who to teach one topic, many time is so difficult to decide what is the best way.

Whit this activity I can see the many resources you can find in and also you can upload your works for example I decide to upload the next things:


Pinteres Resource

Hello, with this activity I can learn the different resource that you can find with Pinterest, you can search and check the many activities, map, making model, audios, videos...
Teachers need to know many different ways to teach some concept, with Pinterest teacher have more variety of resource to teach concept. 

With this link you can connect with my Pinterest Board, that it is related to Education resource: