Sunday, 20 March 2016

Reflection about task 2. Evaluate and prototype a CLIL e-project

During this 2 task I can develop many different skills. At the beginning, I need to choose one e-project to evaluate and create a rubric. Then I find a very good tool to create a presentation.
This tools is:

With this webpage you can register and is a free tool where you create a completely different slide. I decide to use this program, because I think that if you don’t have idea about how to create a presentation in YouTube you can find many tutorials. After use, you create a slide very fast and you can have a very good presentation in a short period of time.

Furthermore, in the second task where I create my own project, fist of all I thought what topic I chose to create an e-project. Then, I decided that the prehistory is a good topic and you can connect this with other subject and contents. With the table that Maria Jesus gives us only I need to fill with the most important aspect about the project and then I started to find a good tool to create a video.  In my opinion this part was the most difficult, because I don’t know a lot about how to create a video. Later, I chose one of them but when I was creating the video, I thought that it was not good idea; it was so difficult for me. But I saw other videos that my classmate was create with other tools and I saw a video with iMove next I thought that I liked it and I pay to download the app, and then I started to create de video.
The tool that I created my video is:

With this video I try to create an overview about the e-project, this e-project considers the previous knowledge to watch a video in English about the prehistoric human. Then students go the excursion where they use their mobiles, tablets, cameras… Then they create a digital newsletter where they put all the things that they learnt in the excursion.

Also, with this task I can create a video and think about how students learn more about one topic, for this reason with this activity I can learn that the best way it is use realia with students because they need to use their five sense when they learn new contents .

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