Saturday, 19 March 2016

Evaluating CLIL eprojects

 My CLIL e-project that I chose to evaluate it is:

At the beginning, I could see many e-project and then I decided to choose one topic that I like it. For this reason, I choose the “a sport journalist”, T think that in this e-project use a previous knowledge in their task to help the students to do the activities. Every task has their rubric and students know the percentage. Students use many tools and they learn how to use it. This is the best way that students can create their own materials. In addition, students have a diary that they need to put the things that they learn about the topic. Besides, the structure of the task in the e-project is so easy to follow for the pupils. All the groups of activities develop all the skills (listening, writing, speaking and reading).
Then I decided to use Prezi to create my presentation, I need to see many tutorials about how to use it, but I think that this tool is very visual and creative, because you can approach in the different pictures and also, you can include: videos, picture, links and picture with diverse shapes.

You can find my evaluation of the e-project here:

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