Sunday, 24 April 2016

New adventure...World Book

In this challenge I work alone, but no problem. Once completed the task before, in this new mission, I need to explain what type of reader am I and which my favorite book and why I recommend it. Also I need to collect the information and record a brief video with Aurasma.

First of all, I explain what type of readers am I.  I liked much different type of books but if I tell the true I prefer an adventure or legends book, you can read a very interesting plot and, in many cases, you don’t know what and where the stories happen. You need to use your imagination to create a mental-story; you learn things about different ways of thinking and also you learn new concept about countries.
Then, I choose my favorite book that in this case I select “Irish Legends”, Why this book? Because when I was 21 years old I travel to Ireland and it is my first book that I bought in other country. I remembered that when I started to read I thought that in Ireland there aren’t a lot of legends about it but when I finish I couldn’t image how many tales and legends there are. For this reason I think that this book is so interesting and you can learn many aspects about why the Irish people have a lot of local custom.

Next, I create a Piktochart , about my favorite book to use varying pictures, and  contribute to the Open CLIL board, “ A wall of books. Where, you can find the rest of my classmate to upload their collage and their books.

Finally, I create a little video about my favorite book whit Aurasma. It is very easy to use this program, only need to download in you mobile phone. You create an account and you can use.
 Here I put a video that you can learn how to create an Aurasma and how to use it.  My classmate Alvaro, Neus, Marta, Mara, Paula create this amazing video.

Also you can follow me in Aurasma: Salvador1987lop

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