Sunday, 17 April 2016

A little story about My Chocotalk

This story began in the Rey Juan Carlos University. One day the teacher of the class thought that it is a good an idea for my students to create a Chocotalk and then she decided to ask their students. All the students said, YES!!!!. She explains the entire task that they need to do. 

At the beginning, the students thought about how to divide the roles, they choose one coordinator-moderator (Laura), two content curators (Me and Xuemei), two disseminator (Ana and Gabriela) and one speaker (Ruben). Then, this group tried to prepare the information and the task that they could do, all the arguments about the Chocotalk and all their point of views.
Two days before two disseminator had started to tweet with pictures and tweets…
The day of the Chocotalk, everybody was ready. And the YouTube channel opened with all the speakers members in the scream. The disseminator started to tweet that the Chocotalk began, and also the moderator (Laura) give opportunities that everybody spoke about the varying topic.

During the Chocotalk, the disseminators (Me and Xuemei) tried to give feedback about the conversation of their classmate, they tried to put question and information that their classmate said about CLIL.

The Disseminator heard all information about the CLIL and all projects that their classmate presented in this Chocotalk. He felt very nervous because people spoke very fast and they changed the topic very quickly. He tried to put all the information and the question that appear in the talk. At the same time he spoke with the rest of their group by WhatsApp, in this way they communicated as more revelation appear about the information. The conversation finished, but now you can watch the Chocotalk, here:

Also the content curators (Ana and Gabriela) worked very hard to create a very good storyboard you can see here:

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