Sunday, 17 April 2016

Creating a InfoEduGraphic

This is the first time that I work in group to create an infographic. An infographic is a visual representation of information about something. In this case is about e-project. Ruben, Xuemei, Gabriela, Ana and Laura are part of my team. We work together in a very good way.

At the beginning, we had a brainstorm about how to create this infographic. We use a piece of paper to draw how to create it. Then, some of them look for the different picture while others thinking about the information that will put in the infographic.
If somebody needs something because he&she doesn't know it, all the group help her&him. We started this challenge to organize the roles and to give opinion about how to create a infographic.

These roles are:
-          Speaker: Ruben
-          Disseminators: Salvador and Xuemei
-          Content Curator: Gabriela and Ana
-          Coordinator: Laura

 Then, we decided to choose a Pictochart to create our InfoEduGraphic and we think about the topic to how create it. Pictochart is a very good tool to create more than a infographic materials, it is very easy to use it and you can find many different pictures, shapes and a big variety type of letters.

 Finally, we look for different imagine about Mario Bros videogame because we thought that it was a good idea to choose this atmosphere for the students and we create this amazing infographic.


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